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Lee’s Hill Community Association


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Lee’s Hill Community Association

The Lee’s Hill Community, located in Spotsylvania County, is a much sought after residential golf community that began in the early 1990s. In 2011, Spotsylvania County informed the Lee’s Hill Community Association that they needed to inspect and maintain the stormwater management facilities located throughout their community. At the time, the Association was only aware of seven wet ponds located in the community. Due to the lack of archival information available, Welford Engineering stepped in to assist the Association with the monumental task of identifying and evaluating the facilities located throughout the community. Welford Engineering researched the information provided by the County and the Association and performed a walkover of each of the potential BMP facility locations. In the end, twenty five facilities were identified.

In order to lessen the financial burden of immediately inspecting and maintaining twenty five separate facilities, most of which had never received any maintenance, Welford Engineering approached Spotsylvania County with a five year plan to gradually bring the facilities into compliance. This plan included the initial evaluation of each facility in order to prioritize them based on four factors. These factors included safety concerns, its importance to the overall stormwater management system, the severity of the issues identified and whether the facility was functioning as intended. After the evaluations were completed, the facilities were sorted into groups of five with those facilities receiving the highest scores to be inspected and maintained in year one. The County welcomed the approach created by Welford Engineering and agreed to allow the Association to perform the required inspections and maintenance over a five year period.

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