Mt. Ararat Baptist Church


Mt. Ararat Baptist Church


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65 Toluca Road
Stafford, VA 22556

Completion Date:

January 2012

Mt. Ararat Baptist Church

Mt. Ararat Baptist Church is one of the oldest churches in Stafford County. Its roots trace back over 100 years. With the growth that has occurred in Stafford County and the rise in church attendance regionally, Mt. Ararat has experienced enormous growth in its church membership. In order to serve the spiritual needs of its members, Mt. Ararat Baptist Church retained Welford Engineering to assist them with their plans to expand their church facilities and campus, located on 35 acres in Stafford County. These plans involved a 44,000 SF building expansion, including a 1,400-seat sanctuary and education wing. Welford Engineering assisted the church in gaining permits and approvals to allow their ambitious building program to move forward.

Among the tasks provided were site grading plans; conceptual stormwater management plans; generalized development plans for a Conditional Use Permit; design of new and maintenance of existing utility connections to the building; design of a sanitary grinder pump station for the existing, proposed and future building programs; design of an onsite stormwater collection system which incorporates biofiltration technology and preparation of parking layouts for the proposed and future building programs. Each task required a great deal of vision and coordination to ensure that each component was working in synch with the master plan for the church. Mt. Ararat opened their new facilities in 2009.

In 2011, Welford Engineering assisted the church in the design & construcion of an additional parking lot and plans for an additional entrance onto Garrisonville Road.

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