CVS Distribution Center




500 Lansdowne Road
Spotsylvania, VA  22408

CVS Distribution Center

Welford Engineering was engaged by CVS to design a trailer storage facility at the existing Distribution Center located on Lansdowne Road.  CVS requested that the project be completed on an expedited schedule.  Welford Engineering was able to mobilize our survey crews within days of receiving authorization to proceed and in the end delivered a County approved site plan within 2 ½ months.

Tasks that were performed for this project included:

  • Provide a topographic survey to be used as a Base Plan for the Site Plan.
  • Design a “Site Plan Modification” that focused on the portions of the site that needed to be modified in order to accommodate the additional on site truck parking. This work included parking layout calculations and design, final site grading, drainage conveyance channels and structures design, storm water management analysis, utilities coordination, and landscape design.
  • Secure appropriate County approval.

In addition to this Site/Civil project, Welford Engineering has provided structural engineering inspection and design services to the CVS/Pharmacy Distribution Facility and Bulk Warehouse facility. Our services included design and plans preparation to address deterioration of the steps leading to the overhead walkway, cracking of concrete floor of the overhead pedestrian bridge structure, damage to structural support columns in the building caused by impacts from operating equipment, and damage to non-load bearing exterior masonry wall around the loading doors caused by trailers backing into the building. Welford Engineering evaluated each of the problems, identified potential solutions, prepared documentation to assist with obtaining bids from qualified general contractors to perform the repair work, and inspected the completed construction.

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