Fawn Lake Road Construction Management


NTS/Virginia Development Company


Fawn Lake Subdivision
Spotsylvania, VA  22551

Fawn Lake, Spotsylvania, VA

The Fawn Lake Community Association is responsible for over 13 miles of roadways within its 2,300-acre development, some of which have been in service for almost 20 years. In 2009, the FLCA engaged Welford Engineering to evaluate the condition of approximately 6 miles of its roadway network to determine if they require repair and if so how best to accomplish that goal. 7 additional locations where specific pavement problems had been identified were also included in the review.

Engineers from Welford Engineering conducted an initial inspection of the roadway segments. A geotechnical engineering firm was engaged to core and evaluate the pavement and subgrade condition at specified locations. Our engineers then determined which roadway segments were most critical to repair, which were less critical, and which had additional useful pavement life and could wait until a later time to be repaired.

After being presented with these repair recommendations, the FLCA retained Welford Engineering to implement the findings. Our engineers developed the final roadway repair design and prepared construction documents. We then managed the bid process on behalf of the FLCA, including identifying a list of pre-qualified contractors, evaluating bids, and recommending a bid award. Our engineers continue to provide construction management services, including observing the work of the Contractor on the project,reviewing contractor submissions, issuing clarifications and interpretations of the construction documents, negotiating changes in the work, reviewing and monitoring traffic management in the work zones, reviewing and processing applications of payment, monitoring the schedule, and coordinating with FLCA staff to ensure that residents are fully informed of work progress.

Our professional services provide the FLCA with a skill set not available to them from within their current staff and ensures that the project is constructed to the highest standard of quality.

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