Fire Station No. 2


City of Fredericksburg, Dept. of Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities


101 Altoona Drive
Fredericksburg, VA  22401

Fire Station No. 2

Welford Engineering completed a detailed structural inspection of the City of Fredericksburg’s Fire Station No. 2 to determine the cause of significant settlement and damage to the building. This investigation revealed a major foundation settlement problem. Building differential settlements of nearly 3 inches were documented by our engineers. Following a Geotechnical investigation, Welford Engineering developed a plan to install helical ground anchors to underpin the foundation and jack the building back up to a level condition. This work was completed along with the design of two small additions to the more stabilized building.
One year after the construction work was completed. The building was again visited and found to be performing precisely as our engineers had expected.


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