Gap Run, LLC


Gap Run, LLC


Rectortown Road & Rokeby Road
Rectortown, VA

Gap Run

Welford Engineering provided wetland delineation and permitting services on a portion of this approximately 210 acre organic farm.  The Owner desired to construct a pond to support his existing farming operation.  Welford Engineering completed initial wetland consultation services to give the Owner a detailed understanding of the process and potential costs associated with completing the project.  Our environmental team then performed the wetland delineation of the impact area and obtained Army Corps of Engineers confirmation of the determination.  Once these efforts were complete, our environmental scientists assisted the Owner with preparation of the wetland permit application and the design of a mitigation cell within the proposed pond.  Permits for the pond construction were secured and the construction completed.  Our environmental team is continuing to follow up on the performance of this project on the Owners behalf in accordance with the requirements of the wetland permit.

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