Mid-Atlantic Foam


Mid Atlantic Foam


Spotsylvania Industrial Park
57 Joseph Mills Drive
Spotsylvania, VA 22408

Mid-Atlantic Foam

Welford Engineering provided all the Site/Civil Engineering services required to construct a 38,000 sf facility for Mid-Atlantic Foam in the Spotsylvania Industrial Park.  The facility is a pre-engineered metal building approximately 30 feet high on a project site of 2.5 acres.  The multi-purpose facility includes office space, a warehouse, a manufacturing facility with specialized equipment, and 4 truck loading bays.  The storm water runoff created by the increase in impervious area required for this project was captured and treated using LID techniques. Welford Engineering designed six biofacilities that collect the first inch of runoff from 91% of the impervious cover on this site and assist with removing phosphorous from the runoff before it exits the property.  Welford Engineering provided all design work from inception to completion of this project including:  (1) boundary survey / topographic survey; (2) conceptual site planning; (3) storm water management design; (4) site plan preparation; (5) permits and approvals; and (6) subdivision plat preparation/easement plat preparation.

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