Spring Arbor at River Road


Chris Stacy / HHHunt


Bo Cook | 919.461.0587


5500 River Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22407

Completion Date:

July 2013

Mt. Ararat Baptist Church

Welford Engineering provided its engineering and consulting services expertise to Chris Stacy to successfully rezone 18.6 acres of land from residential (R-1) to planned development (PDH-4). The property is located near the intersection of Bragg Road and River Road in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. HHHunt Corporation and Chris Stacy developed a planned mixed use development that includes a 72,300 SF assisted living facility, thirty-three (33) age-restricted single-family homes, and thirty (30) age-restricted townhomes.

Following the successful rezoning, Welford Engineering provided engineering, environmental and survey services to HHHunt by completing the final design for the assisted living facility. Welford Engineering completed numerous tasks associated with the final design effort. These tasks included: (i) the design and completion of infrastructure plans that involved the alignment of an offsite water line connection and offsite sewer connection (ii) improvements to River Road which included the addition of a left turn lane (iii) the development of as-built plans for the existing sanitary sewer and design for gravity sewer throughout the site and (iv) the incorporation of a FRED bus stop into the site design.

In addition to providing engineering and rezoning assistance, Welford Engineering also provided environmental services that elevated this project to become a first of its kind in Spotsylvania County. Welford Engineering’s environmental staff designed a rainwater harvesting system that is designed to capture a large percentage of rooftop runoff and recycle it for use in the irrigation system. This unique approach eliminated the need for expensive stormwater management measures and allows the client to save thousands of dollars each year on water bills. This was the first system of its kind ever designed in Spotsylvania County and county staff embraced this approach for its low impact, “green” design and its positive effect on the County’s public water supply. Welford Engineering also performed a wetland delineation and perennial flow determination on the 18.6-acre property. Wetland impacts were required for the construction of the assisted living facility and wetland permitting services, including mitigation assistance, was provided. SWPPP inspections were provided by Welford Engineering staff throughout construction.

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