Sunken Road Restoration


National Park Service


Fredericksburg, VA

Sunken Road Restoration

The objective of the National Park Service was to restore the 1,474 ft long Sunken road from a paved city street to its historically correct appearance and function. The project required removing 17,000 sq ft of pavement to lower the surface of the road to its historic level. The design had to respect the historic layers of earth beneath the existing roadway so that no disturbance of resources would occur. The roadway section was replaced with a specially treated natural soil material designed to appear like an unpaved road yet have load capacity and weather resistance. Stone retaining walls were reconstructed using historically accurate stones and wall building techniques. Overhead power lines were relocated underground. A new drainage system was constructed to manage runoff yet be invisible to Park visitors. Tasks completed by Welford Engineering included; existing conditions surveys, the preparation of final construction drawings showing limits of construction, roadway cross-section development, utility relocations, surface treatment and design, erosion and sediment control plans, full project specifications, and complete construction stakeout services.


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