Tridex Associates, Inc.


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Central Stafford Commerce Center
Parcel 104, Stafford, Virginia

Completion Date:

July 2012

Tridex Associates, Inc.

Welford Engineering provided site/civil engineering, survey and environmental services to Tridex for the design and construction of a major building program on a 55.5-acre site, including: (1) a three-level office, manufacturing, and research & development facility of approximately 240,000 SF. Two 20,000 SF additions are planned and permitted for the two ends of the first phase building. (2) A 50,000 SF warehouse with adequate parking on the site to accommodate employees, visitors, and truck loading. (3) Sewer, water and roadway infrastructure to support the proposed development. The sewer infrastructure includes a pump station with a force main connection to an existing gravity sewer. Water infrastructure requirements include construction of a new water main. Roadway improvements were designed to upgrade the existing roadway into the site. Welford Engineering’s services for this project include site feasibility analysis, land survey, conceptual design, perennial flow determination, final design, preparation of construction drawings, site permitting for the project, construction stakeout, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections. In addition, our engineers designed and permitted a new pump station and over 7,000 LF of new force main to serve the project.

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