Virginia Partners Bank - Corporate Offices


Virginia Partners Bank


410 William Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Virginia Partners Bank

VA Partners Bank retained Welford Engineering to assist them in designing the site for their new corporate headquarters located in downtown Fredericksburg. The 11,000 sf facility, which includes both banking and corporate office space, was to be located on a lot just 16,000 sf in size. The construction plans for this infill project presented special challenges for site design due to lot size constraints. Welford Engineering was able to design their site to meet all of the building and parking requirements for clients and bank employees by utilizing nearly 100% of the available land.

A project of this nature, building on a small site located in a district dating to the pre-civil war era, requires a great deal of creativity, flexibility, and experience. Welford Engineering was able to leverage its core strengths to handle challenges as they arose throughout the project. For example, Welford Engineering was able to secure from the City of Fredericksburg a Special Use Permit for the building size and a Special Exception for reduced parking. Welford Engineering was also able to quickly solve problems as they arose with minimal costs to the client, such as fire lines on neighboring parcels, electric line interference, and architectural changes during construction that were integrated into the site plans.

Welford Engineering provided all professional site/civil engineering and land survey services required to advance and complete
this project, including base plan preparation, initial conceptual design, final design documents, storm water management design,
parking layout, VSMP permitting, construction stakeout, and SWPPP inspections throughout construction.


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