Verizon Wireless


Verizon Wireless – Fredericksburg MTC


95 Commerce Place
Spotsylvania, VA

Verizon Wireless – Fredericksburg MTC

Verizon Wireless determined that their network needed to be upgraded with the installation of a new microwave switching center that would handle communications traffic along the I-95 corridor from Baltimore to Richmond. They chose a site in the 95 Commerce Place industrial park in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. This site was chosen because of its location, its topography, and it location relative to land line high speed fiber optic communications backbones.

Verizon Wireless retained Welford Engineering to assist with the due diligence study efforts, site feasibility planning and zoning approvals to build this new communication station. When completed the facility will include a 30,000 square foot operations center and a 199 foot microwave communications tower on the site. The facility will employ over 20 highly skilled professionals in the County. Investment in plant and equipment in the new facility is likely to top $40 million.

As part of our efforts in support of Verizon Wireless, Welford Engineering performed the following key services:

  • Existing conditions topographic survey
  • ALTA boundary line surveys
  • Prepare FAA-2C approval letter
  • Constraints Analysis and Conceptual Site Planning
  • Wetland and Perennial Stream Delineations, and permitting strategies
  • Development of a Generalized Development Plan
  • Assistance with obtaining a Special Use Permit
  • Coordination with County staff and VDOT Officials
  • Preparation of Easement Plats to permit construction of the fiber optic backbone
  • Early Grading Plans and Wetland Permit drawings

With the assistance of Welford Engineering the Special Use Permit for the project was granted by Spotsylvania County in June, 2009. The facility is currently programmed for construction to begin in 2010 and Welford Engineering expects to be involved in the preparation of fi nal design and construction plans preparation along with obtaining final construction permits.


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