Welford Engineering


Welford Engineering


4545 Empire Court
Spotsylvania, VA 22408

Welford Engineering Headquarters

Welford Engineering was pressed for office space in their existing downtown Fredericksburg location.  After evaluating a number of potential locations for constructing a new permanent home for its operations, the decision was made to develop a site in the recently expanded Jackson Square Commercial Center in Spotsylvania County. 

Welford Engineering chose a 2.2 acre site located on Empire Court and began the design and permitting process for their new facility.  As time was of the essence, the firm accelerated the design of their new site and began immediately to perform existing conditions topography and a boundary line survey.  Design of the new site also progressed rapidly with only a three week design timeframe.  The entire firm participated in the design and approval process and construction documents for the entire project were completed, submitted and approved in less than 45 days.

In total, Welford Engineering’s new building provides them with a 16,000 square foot building envelope within which the firm currently occupies 11,000 square feet.  As the firm grows, additional space will be fit up to accommodate the firm's growing space needs.  This new facility provides state of the art technology including a centralized server backbone, connectivity to centralized document production facilities, and is one of the only businesses in the area to utilize top of the line fiber optic telephone and internet connectivity to increase file processing and communication speed.   This new facility is a showcase for not only Welford Engineering’s ability to get projects completed and permitted in extremely short time frames, but also demonstrates the firm's commitment to pushing the envelope of technology to serve the needs of our ever growing client base.

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