Rezoning and Permitting

Welford Engineering understands the intricacies of navigating the approval process from the inception of a project to its completion. We have extensive knowledge of the federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to real estate development and construction.

Our staff has cultivated long standing professional relationships with elected officials, planners, engineers, and staff members in federal, state, and local government offices. The firm has developed a strong reputation with these governmental agencies for doing quality work that consistently meets their requirements. Our extensive knowledge of the regulations, established professional relationships, and well-regarded expertise enables us to obtain necessary permits and approvals on behalf of our clients in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The services we offer our clients include, but are not limited to, the preparation of:

  • Generalized Development Plans (GDPs)
  • Site Construction Plans
  • Special Use Permits (SUPs)
  • Conditional Use Permits (CUPs)
  • Rezoning Applications
  • Wetlands Delineation and Mapping for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • Wetland Permitting with the USACE and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) permitting and assistance
  • Condominium (residential and commercial) or other Residential Plats and Plans
  • Plats for the dedication of roads, water, sewer, storm water and related easements
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Commercial Subdivisions
  • Boundary Line Surveys
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys

Welford Engineering knows that securing timely regulatory approvals for our clients is an important part of the value that we bring to a project. Time is money, and never more so when real estate owners and developers must complete a complex governmental approval process to ensure the success of a project.

“Welford Engineering is accurate, reliable, and respected in the community by the local building and development staffs.  If you wish a project to be well presented for site development or rezoning applications, you can depend on Welford Engineering to get it done.”  - Mary Katherine Greenlaw, Commercial Broker, City of Fredericksburg Council Member

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