Structural Engineering

Retaining Wall Design

The construction of buildings or bridges often necessitates the retention of earth in a relatively vertical position, especially when embankments are involved. Welford Engineering can design any reinforced concrete or masonry retaining wall that your project may require.




Building Design

Ranging in size from a small single family home to a large commercial distribution center or school campus, Welford Engineering has the expertise and experience to design a facility that meets a client’s functionality requirements and is cost-effective. We have experience working with a wide variety of building materials including wood, steel and concrete.

Bridge Analysis & Design

Welford Engineering can perform a detailed field inspection of all visible elements of an existing bridge to evaluate its condition and determine if it is performing as designed. Our inspectors will evaluate such elements as the bridge deck, superstructure, and substructure. Any visible evidence of deterioration is documented and reviewed. The elements are measured to determine the cross section characteristics of its members. Our team analyzes this data to determine its available live load capacity, prepare construction plans to repair or replace non-functioning elements, re-design bridge approaches, and update safety features. All bridges are designed in accordance with AASHTO standards.

Foundation Design

A building is only as good as the foundation on which it is built. Our engineers have the resources and local experience to develop an efficient design that determines whether shallow elements, such as spread footing or mats, will meet a project’s needs, or whether deeper foundation elements will be required. Welford Engineering can design a foundation for a variety of soil types. Our design solution will enable your improvements to be built on a sound, solid foundation.

Existing Conditions Inspections

Welford Engineering recommends performing an Existing Condition Inspection prior to a client purchasing a home or office or deciding to renovate or repair their current building. We will evaluate the structural framing of the building and determine the load carrying capacity of those structural members. The inspection will determine if the subject building is structurally sound prior to purchase, or assess what additional structural elements may need to be updated before renovation or repair can occur.

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