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Land Development Services

  • Constraints Analysis
  • Conceptual Planning
  • Rezoning Assistance


At the beginning of a Land Development project, we will perform a Constraints Analysis which identifies and maps any potential constraint that could affect the design of a client’s site. Typical constraints include:

  • Zoning Regulations
  • Overlay District Requirements
  • Potential Site Access Limitations that could be imposed by VDOT
  • Existing Easements of Record
  • Streams and Watercourses
  • Resource Protection Areas (RPA)
  • Landscape Buffer Requirements


We map the resulting constraints on the base plan to graphically represent the potential impacts to development of the site. This mapping gives our clients a clear picture of the type of development that the site can accommodate.

During Conceptual Planning, a conceptual site plan is prepared to meet the needs of the client and the client’s desired function of the building (or series of buildings). The plan generally includes a high level rendering of the site layout, size and location for the building(s), parking, and open space. We can develop more than one concept plan (if desired) to provide the client a range of choices to satisfy their requirements. The prepared plans are presented to the client for review and analysis, and with any changes the client requests, a preferred concept plan is selected.

We will provide the Client with Rezoning Assistance if the conceptual design plan selected by the client is incompatible with the underlying zone. We will assist the Client and their attorney with the preparation of a rezoning submission package. The rezoning package will seek to change the zoning for the site to permit the proposed land use either By-Right or by Special Use Permit. Our consulting services will provide creative and innovative solutions from a technical standpoint that can help obtain the necessary rezoning or Special Use Permit approval for the project.

Under local ordinances, the rezoning submission will typically include a completed Application for Rezoning, Generalized Development Plan (GDP), and a Storm Water Management (SWM) Concept Plan. Welford Engineering will complete the following specific tasks in advancing the rezoning process:


  • Assist with the drafting and review of the rezoning application
  • Identify locations for water and sewer service to the site
  • Show locations of significant natural features on the site including wetlands, flood plains, streams, and storm water management facilities
  • Finalize the Generalized Development Plan for the site
  • Finalize the SWM Concept Plan for the site
  • Assist client and attorney with the negotiation of proffers from a technical standpoint


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