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A major component of any land development project involves addressing the affects of storm water resulting from changes in hydrology on the site. As the focus on environmental protection increases, so does the need to provide smarter and more innovative storm water management designs. Welford Engineering aims to meet the needs of the client by providing creative, cost-effective solutions that address the requirements of today’s environment.


  • Storm Water Management (SWM) Facility Design
  • Low Impact Development (LID)
  • Virginia Storm Water Management Program (VSMP) Permitting
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) Inspections


Welford Engineering will design a Storm Water Management (SWM) Facility using a Best Management Practice (BMP) that is specifically designed to provide water quality and quantity benefits for a project while being as aesthetically pleasing as possible. As the regulations pertaining to storm water management have evolved, so too has Welford Engineering’s ability to meet those challenges by providing resourceful and innovative solutions. A SWM Facility can range from a structural facility such as a pond or underground chamber to a non-structural facility such as a grass filter strip or grass swale. Welford Engineering can design a wide variety of creative and innovative BMP facilities, selecting the most suitable design for each specific project: Wet Ponds, Extended Detention (dry) Ponds, Bioretention Facilities, Underground Facilities, and Infiltration Trenches.

Over the last several years, a new method to site design and storm water management has emerged as the leading, environmentally conscious approach to developing a site. Low Impact Development (LID) is fast becoming a necessary tool in obtaining federal, state and local permits. Welford Engineering can assist you in providing cutting edge designs using the latest in LID technology to provide for more attractive and environmentally friendly development options for your project.

The Virginia Storm Water Management Program (VSMP) was established in Virginia to ensure construction activities are in compliance with the provisions of the Clean Water Act and the Virginia Storm Water Act. A VSMP permit must be issued prior to construction.

A requirement of the VSMP is completion of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This is a site specific plan that must be prepared for the subject construction site for each qualifying land disturbance project in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The SWPPP addresses the proposed activities on site to include erosion and sediment control, storm water management, fueling and sanitary waste, industrial discharges, and other potential pollution sources. In addition to the SWPPP, the VSMP permit requires that site inspections be conducted by the owner, or owner’s representative, once every 2 weeks and within 48 hours of a significant rain event.

Welford Engineering provides comprehensive VSMP and SWPPP services for our clients. We will complete the necessary VSMP documents, prepare the SWPPP for your project and provide SWPPP inspections at the intervals required by the permit.

Low Impact Development

A Best Management Practice (BMP) Inspection is an inspection required by localities to ensure that the BMP facility is being maintained and is operating in accordance with the recorded BMP agreement. An agreement was required when the project was approved by the jurisdiction. This agreement is a legal document that requires a licensed professional engineer registered in the State of Virginia to certify that the facility is in good operational condition. The required interval for a BMP inspection is typically between 6 months and 3 years depending on the style of the facility.

Welford Engineering provides a variety of services designed to educate their clients about the responsibilities associated with owning a BMP facility and protect them from costly repairs. In addition to BMP inspections, Welford Engineering provides educational presentations to property management firms and Home Owners Associations (HOAs) about the nature of BMP facilities and how they can properly maintain them. Welford Engineering can also assist property managers and HOAs by completing a comprehensive SWM/BMP inventory and assessment of their existing BMP facilities. This includes the creation of a graphic depicting the location of all BMP facilities on the property and establishing a long-term maintenance plan for your project. Don’t get caught with expensive repairs – allow Welford Engineering to assist you in planning ahead.

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