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Site Engineering Design

Welford Engineering will prepare plans for your site in one of three formats:

  • Generalized Development Plans (GDP)
  • Site Plans
  • Public Improvement Plans (PIP)


A Generalized Development Plan (GDP) is a more sophisticated and detailed plan in comparison to a conceptual plan and typically requires the building footprint and access to public utilities be shown in a conceptual form. A GDP is part of the submission requirements when applying for a county Conditional Use Permit, Special Use Permit, or Rezoning. Conceptual planning must be completed before the GDP can be developed (see Land Development Services). The GDP is generally regarded as a rigid guide to the placement and the use of buildings on the site though slight modifications to the GDP may be permitted. Careful consideration must be put into the design of the GDP. Welford Engineering will ensure that the GDP is technically correct, meets all space and functionality requirements of the client, and meets all of the land, zoning classification and building codes of the local jurisdiction and the Virginia Department of Transportation.

A Site Plan has significantly more design and detail than the GDP. Once the GDP has been approved, if necessary, Welford Engineering will then more fully define a Site Plan by applying engineering principles that establish optimal building dimensions and location, site grading & drainage, storm water management design and layout, erosion & sediment control, utility service layout & connections, off-site access improvements, and parking layout. Our team of engineers will collaborate with the client in an iterative process and leverage our extensive knowledge, experience, and creativity to design a site plan that achieves all of the client’s objectives, frequently exceeding their expectations.

A Site Plan is sufficient when the confines of the development and public utility connections are all located within the limits of the client’s property. However, it is recommended that a Public Improvement Plan be developed when public utility and/or public highway connections are unavailable in the immediate vicinity of the subject property and significant off-site construction is necessary to provide the required connections. A PIP can put the approval of highway improvements on a parallel track with the approval of the Site Plan which can allow building construction to commence while the VDOT approval process is pending.

“I commend Welford Engineering for its management of the county approval process.  The company is knowledgeable and has helpful relationships in the community, which made site planning a low stress project for us.”  - Stephen V. Batsche, President, Rappahannock United Way

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