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Welford Engineering is continually pushing the boundary when it comes to cutting-edge, cost effective solutions for our clients. Nowhere is this more evident than in our work with sustainable site design and “green” development.

Several years ago, Welford Engineering expanded its services to include an environmental division within the firm. From the outset, one of the primary objectives was to bridge the gap between engineering and environmental solutions through intelligent, sustainable solutions to site design and environmental impacts. We are committed to pursuing designs that provide our clients with environmentally sensitive projects that meet or exceed their financial goals.

Our team is intimately familiar with the USGBC’s internationally recognized green building certification system LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Welford Engineering had the exciting opportunity to provide LEED Project Management services on a LEED-Silver project in the City of Fredericksburg. Our LEED professionals began the effort by organizing a design charrette aimed at introducing the team to LEED and facilitating the conversation about how to effectively integrate the various components of design and construction. Over the next two and a half years, Welford Engineering led the team through the design, construction, review and approval process in order to achieve LEED-Silver certification. LEED-Silver certification was awarded to this project in August 2013. Click here to read more about this project.

In addition to providing LEED Program Management services, Welford Engineering has provided “green” engineering and environmental solutions on numerous projects. Our staff has designed three separate rainwater harvesting systems throughout the region. The first system was a 25,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system located in Stafford County. This system captures over an acre of rooftop runoff and stores it for use irrigating the extensive green space on the property. The second system was designed for the LEED-Silver project located in the City of Fredericksburg. This system was a 14,000 gallon system that captured runoff from the roof for use on the landscaping around the property. The third system was a 25,000 gallon system for an assisted living facility in Spotsylvania County. This system captures over an acre of drainage area in order to be re-applied as irrigation on the grounds of the facility.

Welford Engineering Site Design Service

LEED Credit Category(s)

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (E&S) and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

Sustainable Sites (SS) Pre-requisite #1 – Construction Activity Pollution Prevention

Re-development within urban areas with existing infrastructure

SS Credit #1 – Site Selection
SS Credit #2 – Development Density and Community Connectivity

Development utilizing alternative transportation and reduced parking capacity

SS Credit #4 – Alternative Transportation

Protection and restoration of sensitive habitat and natural areas; Site fingerprinting

SS Credit #5.1 – Site Development – Protect or Restore Habitat

Maximization of open space

SS Credit #5.2 – Site Development – Maximize Open Space

Reduction of impervious cover, infiltration of storm water, reduction of pollutants in storm water, rainwater harvesting

SS Credit #6.1 – Stormwater Design – Quantity Control
SS Credit #6.2 – Stormwater Design – Quality Control

Reduction of heat island effect

SS Credit #7.1 – Heat Island Effect - Nonroof

Use of Dark Sky Technology to reduce light pollution

SS Credit #8 – Light Pollution Reduction

Use of rainwater harvesting and native landscaping to reduce the need for potable water for irrigation

WE Credit #1 – Water Efficient Landscaping


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