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Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Assistance

The Virginia Storm Water Management Program (VSMP) was established in Virginia to ensure construction activities are in compliance with the provisions of the Clean Water Act and the Virginia Storm Water Act. A VSMP permit must be issued prior to construction.

A requirement of the VSMP is completion of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This is a site specific plan that must be prepared for the subject construction site for each qualifying land disturbance project in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The SWPPP addresses the proposed activities on site to include erosion and sediment control, storm water management, fueling and sanitary waste, industrial discharges, and other potential pollution sources. In addition to the SWPPP, the VSMP permit requires that site inspections be conducted by the owner, or owner’s representative, once every 2 weeks and within 48 hours of a significant rain event.

Welford Engineering provides comprehensive VSMP and SWPPP services for our clients. We will complete the necessary VSMP documents, prepare the SWPPP for your project and provide SWPPP inspections at the intervals required by the permit.

VSMP assistance was provided on each of the following projects:

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